Rolling rolls


With its proven experience in manufacturing and using rolling rolls, its high-tech plants and highly qualified technicians, Riva Acciaio is one of the leading European companies in the processing of rolling rolls for hot and cold rolling mills. As part of a major international group, we have the necessary know-how and connections to roll manufacturers from all over the world to assist our customers in all the relevant and critical phases, from identifying their specific needs and fine-tuning the best possible solution, through to choosing and manufacturing a high-quality, tailor-made product. With its long record in the special processing of ultra-high performance cast iron and forged steel, Riva Acciaio can perform a wide range of heat treatments and machining operations such as turning, milling, grinding, cutting and reaming. Attending to details, final inspection, marking and packaging are carried out meticulously and in full compliance with industrial and environmental requirements. The same high level of care is applied to quality checks such as dimensional, magnetic, ultrasonic inspections and hardness and Eddy current tests.

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