In 2017 the Riva Group celebrated an important anniversary. 60 years have passed since the first casting was made at the Caronno Pertusella (VA) plant on 07 March 1957, building a cutting-edge steel plant from scratch in less than a year, with an electric arc furnace with a capacity of 25 tons against the 15 tons of the main furnaces operating in Italy in that period.
Looking back, we can certainly speak of a success story thanks to the entrepreneurial vision of Emilio Riva and the growing demand for products in the post-war period.

The apex of success came in 1964 with the entry into operation of the three-line curved continuous casting, the first in Italy, which allowed the Riva Group to overcome the crisis of the post "economic miracle" period, consecrating its rise, thanks also to a huge expansion policy through acquisitions of companies to be restructured and revitalized, first on the Italian steel scene, in 1966 with the Acciaierie del Tanaro in Lesegno (CN) and the management of the Società Esercizi Impianti Industriali of Malegno (BS) and subsequently throughout Europe, thus being able to offer its customers an ever-increasing range of products.

The Riva Group is still, 60 years after its foundation, a dynamic reality attentive to customer needs and compliance with environmental and safety regulations which, through a continuous search for technological innovation, guarantees a quality steel production known and appreciate all over Europe.