Riva Acciaio


Riva Acciaio is one of the major Italian steel companies and its activities are grouped together in the Riva Group, which was founded in 1954 by Emilio Riva and is today one of the key players in the European steel industry. 

Riva Acciaio is specialised in the production of long products and high quality steels – an area in which it has established strong leadership with over 60 years of experience. The company was the first in Italy to introduce a major innovative technology: three-line curved-type continuous casting. Several other innovations followed.

The advanced R&D laboratory in the Riva Acciaio plant in Lesegno (CN) is equipped with many high-tech devices, such as the “Gleeble 3800” thermal-mechanical simulator and has entered into several cooperation agreements with important universities and research centres, including the Polytechnic University of Turin and the University of Pisa.

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